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Our Story

Black and white picture of toddlerOur humble beginnings started to unfold in 2001 when I began formulating sugar scrubs and moisturizers to help combat my daughter's skin condition. At just four weeks old, my youngest child was diagnosed with, and was suffering from, an extreme case of eczema. Commercial brand baby soaps, bath washes and body lotions seemed to worsen her condition. When the pediatrician discussed administering cortisone shots prior to her 2nd birthday, I declined and realized the need to find a more natural approach to my baby's skincare health.

After extensive research on eczema and its possible triggers, I began designing and manufacturing skincare products that treated its worst symptoms: skin irritation, burning and itching. After using the products for six months, my daughter's condition showed great signs of improvement and most of her scarring had disappeared.

Our apothecary collection is tailored for people suffering from dry and problematic skin and provides organic, natural and vegan-friendly alternatives to skincare health. We are passionate about connecting with people on a personal level to help them feel more comfortable talking about their dry skin ailments and helping them to improve the condition of their skin. We want you to love your skin again!

Kimberly R Stepp
Founder & CEO