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Celebrating 14 amazing years of plant-based excellence! Use promo code BIRTHDAY14 to save 14%.

Organic. Natural. Vegan.

We offer a skincare apothecary collection handmade with love in the heart of Indiana. Our collection is tailored for people who suffer from dry or sensitive skin and those who are health-conscious about the products that they apply to their bodies. All products are cruelty-free and free from parabens, phthalates and GMOs. We invite you to love your skin again.

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Mocha Tree Organics is dedicated to providing healthy solutions that nurture sensitive skin while protecting the integrity of Earth's natural resources. We take great care in ensuring that each ingredient has a purpose and a place in our skincare apothecary.

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Our Story

The Short Version

Once upon a time, there was a bouncing baby girl who was diagnosed with a severe case of eczema at just one month old. Her condition was so bad that the pediatrician recommended cortisone shots before her 2nd birthday. Her mom said, "Nope!" And then got busy mixing her own concoctions to help ease those pesky symptoms.

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Customer Review

5-Star Review by Kimmi

"OMG! This is awesome stuff!!! I love the scent of the Jasmine Rose. The oil and the scrub leave your skin feeling amazing, so smooth and soft. I first bought it at the Yelp Bazaar last year and have been hooked ever since."