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Culture Credo

The Mocha Tree Organics Brand is deeply rooted in the principals of ethical practices. We incorporate our eco-conscious message into every aspect of our company and value innovative ideas that help nurture sensitive skin while protecting the integrity of Earth's natural resources.

We offer a thoughtfully and carefully curated collection of organic, natural and vegan products that are handmade with love in the heart of Indiana. As purveyors of the finest certified organic raw ingredients and natural essential oil blends, we believe strongly in providing organic skincare solutions, offering a vegan-friendly apothecary collection, promoting a healthy well-being, maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability and buying organic.

Our mission is to maintain the highest standards of excellence, exemplifying our commitment to fill an unmet need in the marketplace while serving people with sensitive skin and those who are health conscious about the products they apply to their bodies. We invite you to learn more about our company and to reach out to our team with any questions about our apothecary collection.