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Green Initiative

As an eco-conscious company, Mocha Tree Organics has made a commitment to source packaging solutions that are environmentally-friendly and promote sustainability. It is not a new idea that we use recyclable packaging. However, in order to reduce the number of jars and lids that fill up recycling facilities, we implemented a refill program for all our skincare apothecary products. Instead of recycling your amber jars and black lids, we encourage you to clean them for (re)use with our refill packs. All product refills are packaged in sealed pouches that are recyclable. These pouches lay flat after they are emptied, saving tons of space for other recyclable items.

How do I clean the jars and lids before refilling?
Because all of the ingredients in our polishes and crèmes are biodegradable, you can wash the containers and lids in hot, soapy water and turn them upside down to dry or wipe dry with a clean paper towel.

Aren't the bottles, jars and lids recyclable?
Yes and no. Our amber bottles and jars are made from #1 PET plastic and our black lids are made from #5 PP plastic. However, some community recycling bins will only accept plastics #1 and #2, excluding colored cosmetic jars. This means that the facility will most likely toss these jars and lids instead of transferring them to a facility that can process them. When recycling your jars and lids, please be sure to check the requirements on the side of the container before depositing the units for recycling.

What about the refill pouches?
The refill pouches are made from PET plastic, LDPE plastic and foil. Because they contain a mix of recyclable resins, they are classified as #7 plastics (other). Before recycling the refill pouches, you will need to locate a facility that processes #7s.

When I decide to recycle these items, how can I find a facility that will accept them?
You can visit the Earth 911 website to find recycling centers and programs in your local community. Simply input your zip code and specify the material you wish to recycle. The website will return a listing of facilities and the materials they accept. To be safe, you can contact the facility directly to ensure that the materials you plan to recycle are acceptable.

What else should I know about recycling?
When recycling materials that have caps or lids, be sure to separate them from the bottles and jars before tossing them into the recycling bin. If the caps and lids are still attached to the container, the facility may toss the items instead of detaching the tops. This leads to more plastic being shipped off to a dump site where it will sit indefinitely.