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We offer complimentary shipping on orders over $75.

Loyalty Program

Enjoy exclusive rewards when you shop with us! Sign up to become a Loyalty Reward Club Member to unlock exclusive perks and start earning points on all of your purchases. What's the catch? No catch. There is no cost to join. Really. Simply register for an account, login and start shopping!

How does it work exactly?
Each product is assigned a specified number of Reward Points. When you log into your account and shop online, we credit your points balance after your payment has been processed and your order has been fulfilled. Once you have begun accumulating reward points, you may redeem them for free products or as discounts off your order total.

How many reward points do I get with my purchase?
One reward point is equivalent to one retail dollar. So, a $20 item will earn you 20 Reward Points.

Do I earn points on my paid shipping?
No. Reward Points are earned only on our apothecary products and accessories. Shipping costs and taxes are excluded from earning points.

When can I use my points?
Once your account has been credited, you can choose to redeem those points at any time, or you can save them for future rewards.

It's like having your own little savings account that puts back 5% each time you shop with us. The more you shop, the more opportunities you have to earn Reward Points. What are you waiting for? Login or create an account, go shopping and start earning points!!